Custom Aeronautical Support - One-Stop Component Solution

Since 2005, Custom Aeronautical Support Ltd (CAS) has provided to be an exclusive source of out of production, depleted and hard to find items for commercial aircrafts and helicopters worldwide. We serve customers over 20 countries all over the world. They include MRO stations and airlines within and outside of New Zealand. Under stringent quality control and standards, CAS takes pride in delivering all items with manufacture as well as CAS warranty.

Why Choose Us


Experience and skills developed over 10 years of providing our services in the aviation industry, you can rely on Custom Aeronautical Support Ltd to meet your requirements for component solutions.


Custom Aeronautical Support Ltd specializes in locating difficult-to-find wing components, as well as maintaining a range of OEM suppliers to provide one-stop solution to customers for their convenience.


Communication and customer satisfaction are the key elements in our service. You can be assured of our quality service, which is focused on the promoting a long-term relationship with each customer we deal with.


We work with many of the world’s major shipping companies to suit your needs and requirements, and ensure that our service and products arrive in a safe and timely manner.

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